Amazon error: Missing shipping costs Amazon FBM orders from 7.09.2023

The Import Manager always informs you by e-mail if errors occur during import processes. Currently, however, a temporary error has become known, through feedback from Amazon sellers:



Only Amazon FBM orders (own shipping by sellers) from 7/09/2023 are affected.

Affected orders do not include shipping costs as a line item, even if they were billed to Amazon itself.


If you use the VCS (sales tax calculation by Amazon), you are not affected!



To fix the issue, we are providing you with 2 different solutions:

1) Correction via the Import Manager.

Switch to the Import Manager and click on Orders there so that you can see the advanced search.

Search for the period purchase date 7.09.2023 and select for the import source Amazon. Next to this, additionally select Amazon MFN as the import type.

Click on Search.

Advanced Search_orders.png


You need to check the found orders and match them with Amazon. You can mark all affected orders and select Delete via Action. When asked about the invoices already created, select the option Cancel invoice so that you cancel the invoice created in easybill and not delete it!


Then start a manual import for the period of 7/09/2023 to retrieve the orders again. If you re-import, the data will be received in full as Amazon has already fixed the error. The new invoice will be automatically transferred to Sellercentral.

Please note that these orders will be saved as not shipped and that you will not reship them. Mark orders as shipped.


2) Manual correction via the easybill invoice.

Using the order number, find the invoice in easybill and cancel it.

Then copy the already cancelled invoice into a new draft invoice and manually add the item for shipping costs.

Click + Empty position.


Enter the name shipping costs, the quantity 1 and the unit price paid. Be careful here whether your unit price is entered in net or gross.


amount_of_shipping costs.png


Finish the document and upload it manually to Sellercentral.


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