Book memberships

As an easybill customer, you can select a chargeable membership directly via the account.

Via your user name and memberships, you will receive an overview of the easybill packages that are subject to a charge and their range of functions.




The term can be selected over 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Within a running membership, a higher membership can be booked at any time. The longer the payment period is chosen, the higher the discount on the calculated monthly price.




  1. Click Select in the requested membership.
  2. Select the requested payment method.



Check the billing address and, if applicable, the VAT number if your billing address is for a company within the EU, outside Germany.

Confirm the booking by clicking Pay now X € with credit card / Direct Debit / PayPal.


Note: The payment method PayPal is only available from a purchase of 3 months.

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